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Every customer we work with is unique when it comes to their recycling and recovery needs. For this reason, we work closely with each customer to develop a customized recycling program that may include purchase options, logistics, and handling services. By listening to our customers and understanding their goals, we can develop a recycling program specific to their needs.

Our Process

Our process starts with an initial meeting, during which we begin to understand the needs and goals of our customer. We look at the entire manufacturing process and identify what can be recycled, how it can be collected, and what recycling methods should be used. From this point, we can begin to develop a customized recycling program.

Though the process is customized for each customer, our common services include:

  • Purchase of Plastic Materials: We determine the fair market value of your plastic materials.
  • Collection: We evaluate what types of materials you have, which materials are recyclable, how they are manufactured, and what is the best method for collecting the materials to be recycled.
  • Custom Toll Services: We provide services, such as granulating, custom destruction, aspiration, and other toll services
  • Tracking/Reporting: We provide online access to custom reports through our PRITS system, giving our customers an easier way to manage their recycling program.