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Every customer we work with is unique when it comes to their recycling and recovery needs. For this reason, we work closely with each customer to develop a customized recycling program that may include purchase options, logistics, and handling services. By listening to our customers and understanding their goals, we can develop a recycling program specific to their needs.

The Full Picture

Our process starts with an initial meeting, during which we begin to understand the needs and goals of our customer. We look at the entire manufacturing process and identify what can be recycled, how it can be collected, and what recycling methods should be used. From this point, we can begin to develop a customized recycling program.

Material Purchase

We work together to understand your specific goals and to determine the fair market value of your plastic material.

Material Collection

We evaluate what types of materials you have, which materials are recyclable, the best way to sort and prep the material, and the best method for collecting and shipping the materials to be recycled.

Toll Services

We provide services, such as shredding, grinding, granulating, custom destruction, aspiration, and other toll services

Tracking and Reporting

We provide online access to customizable tracking reports through our PRITS system, allowing our customers real-time data insight and convenient oversight of their recycling program.

Why work with Plastic Recyclers Southeast?

We have been in the business of selling post-industrial plastic scrap for 30+ years. We have buyers and suppliers around the world that turn to us for their plastic recycling needs.

How does the process work?

It’s easy and seamless. Simply call us at 256.351.2469 or submit our online form. One of our dedicated account managers will work with you in unison with our logistics department to have your material shipped to one of our facilities.

Is there a minimum weight required?

Due to trucking costs, we request a minimum of 20,000 lbs.

Do you only buy post-industrial plastics?

Yes. That’s the market we specialize in. We buy all forms of plastic scrap, including parts, pellets, regrind, purges, films, and supersacks.

How long does it typically take to get paid?

If the material is being exported, we typically pay within 10 days of the shipment date; we also send confirmation pictures of materials being loaded. If the material is shipping domestic, we usually pay within 30 days.

Do you provide references and banking information?

Yes! We want you to feel comfortable working with us. We provide several references of clients that are buying plastic scrap from us currently. We also provide our banking information along with our banking contact.

What if there is a problem with my load?

We’re well aware this isn’t a perfect world and sometimes things happen! Dealing with a cool head, we will call you with pictures and/or samples of the problem load. We’ll then work together to resolve the situation in a fair and amicable way.

Materials & Industries

We partner with a wide variety of industries to solve material waste recycling problems, working within their process to reduce waste and provide landfill diversion. Explore a few examples and discover how Plastic Recyclers Southeast can efficiently fulfill all your plastic recycling needs.

Materials & Industries
Let's put our process to work for you.

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