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Plastic Recyclers Southeast, Inc. (PRSEI) is a full-service plastics recycler, incorporating material collection, sorting, processing, packaging, warehousing, distribution, exporting and destruction of recycled plastic materials and products.

Aerial view of Plastic Recyclers Southeast headquarters in Decatur, Alabama

For 30+ years, the PRSEI team has dared to think differently about plastics. Where others see landfills and waste, we see potential. To us, plastics is a valuable resource that can have infinite usefulness if we reclaim and reuse it responsibly. That’s why we developed an integrated, sustainable business model to effectively manage and control the entire lifecycle of plastics. We create more value from our plastics, more efficiency for our customers, and less impact on the environment.

Meet Our Team

Plastic Recyclers Southeast, Inc. (PRSEI) was founded in 1991 by Henry Bragg. Our original mission was trading and recycling post-consumer PET and Polyethylene, but quickly transitioned to include many other post-industrial polymers. Today, PRSEI has a team of approximately 50 people and 600,000 SF across four facilities in Decatur and Trinity, Alabama; Germantown, Tennessee; and Menomonie, Wisconsin.

Let us be your plastic recycling partner.

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