Recycling Case Studies

  • Challenge/Opportunity: One of our customers asked if we could prove, by providing evidence, that their material was continuously being damaged.

    Our Solution: We invested in the development of a robust, custom, web database – PRITS. The PRITS system was developed to track materials throughout the entire recycling process, even by the unit. This system is constantly being improved and available to every customer.

    The Results: By developing PRITS, we have given our customers online access to a searchable database and reports. The information is at their fingertips and can be accessed when they need it, saving them time and worry.
  • Challenge/Opportunity: Another customer needed a solution that required an investment from us to accomplish. For this customer, the need was a specialized piece of equipment and someone to perform custom/contract labor.

    Our Solution: We worked closely with plant personnel to correctly identify the equipment needed, purchased the necessary equipment, installed it at our facility, and set up a customized process to handle their material.

    The Results: By using making the capital investment in the equipment, the company was able to implement a recycling solution that is saving them time, labor, and floor space that is currently being used for added manufacturing lines.
  • Challenge/Opportunity: Our customer wanted to damage their materials without having so much overhead and eliminate the cost of disposal. This meant we also had to find a market for the material once it was damaged.

    Our Solution: We researched different types of equipment that could damage the materials for less cost and found custom equipment specific for film that would accomplish the job. We also found a market for the recycled materials.

    The Results: The solution has not only saved the company money, but created an additional stream of income as well. We are able to purchase the materials from our customer, damage them, and resell them into another market that doesn’t compete with our customer’s.
  • Challenge/Opportunity: One of our customers asked if we could recycle a specific type of fiber, a new material for us at the time.

    Our Solution: We researched and worked to create a new market for the fiber.

    The Results: We found and developed a market and are now purchasing the fiber from our customer. This has given the company a way to recycle their acrylic fiber, saved them time, money, and space.

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